RAM-BT16 - 1450 gram battery with 480A of starting surge!

Now presenting the
Newest Ultralight RAM-BT Battery Range

with Lithium Ion Nanotechnology
Market leader in terms of lightness!

The top of all, for 1450 grams it returns
of cold-start performance

The strongest stock battery

This is our largest stock size battery we offer, though we can produce larger batteries upon special request.

This battery is so powerful that it will start any motorcycle on the market today, along with most small cars, which makes it popular in the car racing scene as well.

Designed for large displacement, high compression, and other uses where "extreme needs" are forthcoming on a normal basis.
RAM-BT16 Characteristics

* Weight
~ 1450 gram

* 480A Max cold-start performance: (for 10 seconds discharge)

* 240A Max continuous discharge (after initial 10 seconds)

* Capacity rating: 9.2Ah

* Size mm ~ 110 x 110 H 76 mm

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  • Manufactured by: RAM-BT Batteries

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