RAM-BT12 - 1150 gram battery with 360A of starting surge!

Now presenting the
Newest Ultralight RAM-BT Battery Range

with Lithium Iron Ion Nanotechnology
A 1150 grams battery with 360A surge,
cold starting the largest bike engines
Top end motorcycle battery
This battery is suitable for all large displacement V-Twin Ducati motorcycles and 4 cyl inline engines greater than 1000 cc

This includes the ZX-14 and the Hayabusa using stock bore and stroke.

This battery is also a good choice for drag racers running total-loss ignition systems

RAM-BT12 Characteristics
  • Weight ~ 1150 gram
  • 360A Max cold-start performance: (for 10 seconds discharge)
  • 180A Max continuous discharge (after initial 10 seconds)
  • Capacity rating: 6.9Ah
  • Size ~ 110 x 84 H 76 mm

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  • Manufactured by: RAM-BT Batteries


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