DUCATI 1198, 1098, Streetfighter, Multistrada 1200, BST 10 Spokes Rapid Tek Wheels

DUCATI 1198, 1098, Streetfighter, Multistrada 1200
BST monocoque 10 spokes carbon fiber wheels
  • BST, premier global manufacturer of composite carbon fiber wheels, confirms its leading position with the serial production of the new RAPID TEK design. 
  • The wheels shown here, designed for bike models with single sided swing arm suspension, are a product combining beauty and technology, which offers riders unparalleled performance due to superior technical characteristics, such as :
Front Wheel Offset Rear Wheel
Dimensions: 3.50x17" Dimensions: 6.00x17"
Weight: 2550 gramme Weight: 2400 gramme
Static load: 155 Kg Static Load: 280 Kg
Impact Resistance: 388 Kg Impact Resistance: 420 Kg
Rotational Inertia: 43.300 Kg*mm˛ Rotational Inertia: 37.300 Kg*mm˛
Homologations, valid for road & track following the normative DOT-E & JWL  Homologations, valid for road & track following the normative DOT-E & JWL 

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Let's consider added values...
  • The reductions in weight (4,95 Kg for the pair of wheels) and the low rotational inertia of the BST monocoque wheels in carbon fiber composite offer the rider instant gratification due to the significant increase in performance and safety.
  • This advantage is expressed through better maneuverability and ease in pitch changes, combined with acceleration increase and braking distances shortening, a sum of positive features building toward better safety and comfort in any driving condition, on the road and over the track.
  • Each of the over 25.000 wheels produced at this date by BST is completed by a plaque with the characteristics and the serial number for which not only normal warranty is guaranteed but also 20 years of industrial traceability, which is a norma safety practice in aerospace industries for components intended for critical use, but a practice making BST absolutely unique in the automotive industry.
  • The BST Engineering, Research & Development and Production Departments apply the most stringent approval and safety testing standards to the wheels produced for either OEM or Aftermarket.
  • BST is a unique carbon fiber composite wheel manufacturer whose plant is certified by both ISO 9001: 2008 and German TÜV control bodies and whose products strictly comply with the JWL and DOT-E approval specifications.
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  • Manufactured by: BST Wheels

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